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OmniWeb 5.9.2 Adds Gopher Support

by Adam C. Engst

The Omni Group announced today that OmniWeb 5.9.2 [1] adds support for a revolutionary Internet protocol called Gopher [2]. Developed at the University of Minnesota, Gopher eschews the free-form nature of the Web in favor of a strongly hierarchical organization, simplifying browsing of categorized information. For a list of Gopher servers, see the Floodgap [3] list.

Although Mozilla browsers like Firefox and Camino also offer Gopher support, OmniWeb is the first WebKit-based browser to support the Gopher protocol.

OmniWeb 5.9.2 is available now and is a free download with no licensing restrictions (see "OmniWeb and OmniSiblings Run Free [4]," 2009-02-25).

[3]: gopher://