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Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk for 06-Apr-09

by Jeff Carlson

Apple's release notes -- Would submitting bug reports to Apple about the lack of information in release notes actually help? (3 messages [1])

App Store's effect on pricing -- The App Store is driving down prices for iPhone apps, but is this an indication of a sweeping change in software pricing? (3 messages [2])

Macworld Expo Moves to Mid-February -- Readers react to the news that Macworld Conference and Expo will take place next February instead of January. (19 messages [3])

iMovie New Features -- The Apple TV can play 720p HD video, but only at 24 frames per second, which means iMovie's new HD export feature is constrained with typical 30 fps video. (4 messages [4])

Mobile Me sync problems -- A reader is experiencing duplicated messages and other problems syncing to MobileMe. (2 messages [5])

Skype coming to iPhone -- Readers discuss difficulties with Skype's for-pay options. (2 messages [6])

Apple Releases General Support Update 2009-001 -- Maybe Apple will release the update next year. (7 messages [7])

OmniWeb 5.9.2 Adds Gopher Support -- Seriously, The Omni Group did add Gopher support to OmniWeb. And you thought everything posted on April 1st was suspect. (4 messages [8])

Time Machine Backup Over a Network -- Although making a network Time Machine backup (compared to using a Time Capsule) is possible, performance seems to vary widely in real-world use. (6 messages [9])

Safari 4 Beta problem -- The SnapBack button in the Address Bar is gone in the latest Safari beta, but there's a way to get it back. Will Apple remove it for good in the release version? (4 messages [10])

Whatever happened to... FWB Software? A question about a shuttered software company elicits an insider's look at the software industry in the 1980s and 1990s. (2 messages [11])

Keyboards -- Readers join Matt Neuburg in singing the praises of Unicomp keyboards. (2 messages [12])