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Type Faster by Competing in Races

A fun way to improve your typing speed and accuracy is to join an online typing competition at typrX. This typing competition keeps track of your typing speed, while allowing you to compete against other people, either around the world in public races or with friends in private races. To set up a private race with your friends, follow these simple steps.

  • Once you have a typrX account, click the Create Private Race button on the front page and you’ll be taken to the private race page.
  • From there, copy the track code URL and send it to the friends you want to join the race.
  • You can click the Delay Countdown button to add 10 seconds to the clock if you are waiting on your friend to join the race.

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TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 13-Apr-09

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VMware Fusion 2.0.4 from VMware is a stability and security update to the popular Windows virtualization software. The latest version addresses a critical vulnerability in the virtual machine display that could enable a guest operating system to run code on the host. ($79.99, free update, 186 MB)

WireTap Studio 1.0.11, WireTap Anywhere 1.0.4, and Snapz Pro X 2.1.4 from Ambrosia Software update the company's core productivity tools for the upcoming Mac OS X 10.5.7. A shared framework among the applications has been updated, which maintains compatibility with the latest Mac hardware and supports the next maintenance release of Mac OS X. (WireTap Studio retails for $69, WireTap Anywhere for $129, and Snapz Pro X for $69; free updates)

TweetDeck v0.25 from Iain Dodsworth updates the popular Twitter client with a fix for a memory leak, short URL previews, Twitpic thumbnails, recording and sharing capabilities for 12seconds videos, and added Facebook integration. Also new is the option to have usernames auto-complete in the tweet box, the option to include hashtags automatically when replying to messages, and the removal of the capability to direct message oneself. (Free, 2.1 MB)

PDFpen 4.1.2 and PDFpenPro 4.1.2 from SmileOnMyMac are the latest versions of the company's PDF editing utilities. Both version updates have added a new item in the File menu, Mail Document, that enables users to send the PDF document they're working on via email. When selected, the feature opens a new email message and automatically attaches the PDF to it. ($49.95/$99.95, free updates, 12.2 MB/12.4 MB)

HoudahGeo 2.2 from Houdah Software updates the photo geocoding software with a handful of new features. Changes include the capability to write directly into the iPhoto '09 Places database, all-new map based geocoding, a track library, access to Lightroom 2 folders, offline bookmark geocoding, and automatic altitude information. ($30 new, free update, 4.7 MB)

Dialectic 1.4 from JNSoftware is a maintenance update to the phone dialing utility. In the latest version, the Google Voice Dial Method has replaced the GrandCentral Dial Method, the Fritz!Box Dial Method's dialing has been improved, Daylite tasks can now be integrated when making and receiving calls, and the Firefox extension has been improved to add automatic highlighting and hyperlinking of phone numbers when pages load. Also, several bugs have been fixed, including one that caused dialing to fail when using some VoIP Methods such as BroadVoice or ViaTalk, and one that sometimes created an errant incoming task in Daylight when making outgoing calls. Finally, several minor code optimizations and improvements have been made, and the documentation has been updated. ($25, free update, 6.2 MB)


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