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Savvy GarageBand '09 Documentation Now Available

by Adam C. Engst

Good documentation can be hard to find these days, and Apple's GarageBand has particularly suffered in this regard, since relatively few books have focused on it over the years, with even fewer titles for later versions of GarageBand. Our guess is that most publishers didn't sell enough books about earlier GarageBand versions to make it worthwhile to release new editions. It's also tricky to find someone who is good at writing about how to use the Mac, who has time to write book-length documentation, and who is well-versed in real-world GarageBand usage.

In an example of ebooks breaking the constraints of the physical world, our two GarageBand titles have been steady sellers, and interest in them has grown over time, so naturally we wanted to update them for GarageBand '09. We were relieved that author Jeff Tolbert found the necessary time while working on his ever-increasing number of music-related projects. (We're hoping that we don't regret our flip "remember us when you're famous" line by having Jeff sucked out of the Take Control orbit when he hits it big.)

So, we've just released new editions of the 117-page "Take Control of Making Music with GarageBand '09" and the 134-page "Take Control of Recording with GarageBand '09." They cost $10 individually or $17.50 in a bundle. To purchase both books with the bundle discount, use this direct link [1] or look for the "Buy Both" option in the left margin of either Web page.

If you own an earlier version of one of the Take Control GarageBand titles, you may have received an email message about getting a free (for those who purchased after 01-Jan-09) or discounted update; otherwise, open your PDF and click Check for Updates on the cover to get update details.