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"Take Control of MobileMe" Updated for iLife '09, iPhone

by Adam C. Engst

Apple's MobileMe offers a wide range of services that can easily justify its $99-per-year price tag, but only if you are clued-in enough to take advantage of everything it provides. The new version 1.1 of "Take Control of MobileMe [1]," by Joe Kissell, provides 124 pages of MobileMe goodness, teaching you about core features such as email, sharing photos and movies online, managing contacts, tracking your calendar, sharing files via your iDisk, and more. When Joe started writing this new version, his primary goal was to fold in new steps relating to iLife '09, but just as he was wrapping up, Apple released iPhone OS 3.0, so Joe was able to integrate iPhone OS 3.0 details as well. In particular, Joe explains the Find My iPhone feature, and he's written as much as he can about mobile iDisk access prior to Apple's release of the iDisk app.

If you or someone you know would benefit from getting more out of MobileMe, check out this $10 ebook.

Version 1.1 is a free update from version 1.0. If you own version 1.0, look in your email for an update notice with a download link or open your PDF to the cover (page 1) and click the Check for Updates button to access your free download.

If you own Joe's older "Take Control of .Mac," you can update for free from the second edition (from page 1, click Check for Updates; then click the Blog tab and look for your download). If you have only the first edition of "Take Control of .Mac," look for a discount update offer on your Check for Updates Web page (in the Downloads tab). In both cases, you may also have an email message that contains update information.