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See All Your Books in iBooks

The iBooks app for iOS lets you assign your books to different collections, but does not have any obvious way for you to see all of your books, regardless of the collection you have put them in. There is, however, a workaround that can show you just about all of your books at once: reveal the search field at the top of any collection in iBooks and type a single space into that field.

With this search, iBooks lists all of the books that have a space either in the title of the book or in the author's name. Other than the rare book that has a one-word title and a single-name author, you end up with a list of all of your books.

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Michael E. Cohen


ExtraBITS for 10-Aug-09

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Speculative Mockups of Rumored Apple Tablet -- Developer Rainer Brockerhoff recently threw his two cents into the Apple Tablet wishing well, after which the Brazilian site Mac+ reprinted his musings along with gorgeous mockups from illustrator Mario Amaya. It's nothing more than a fantasy of course, but as Rainer told us in iChat, "One can dream." (Posted 2009-08-10)

Time-Lapse Video of Macworld Cover Being Created -- Publishing on the Internet is easy - paper is hard. If you don't believe us, check out the amount of work that went into making a recent Macworld magazine cover showing the iPhone 3GS - it's a time-lapse video made by Peter Belanger. (Posted 2009-08-07)

Original Apple Logo Designer Explains the Bite -- Wonder what the real story is behind the famed Apple logo? Creativebits interviews Rob Janoff, the man who designed the now-iconic apple-with-a-bite logo back in 1977, and he sets the record straight about just what the apple is supposed to mean and why there's a bite taken out of it. (Posted 2009-08-07)

Apple Bans Developer, Clears Swarm of Apps -- Ars Technica reports on Apple's recent decision to revoke developer Khalid Shaikh's iPhone developer license and remove his 900+ apps from the App Store. According to Apple, Shaikh's apps, which aggregated and repackaged news content, frequently drew objections from third parties for violating intellectual property rights. When considering Apple's claim of over 65,000 apps in the App Store, hearing news of such junk (another developer reportedly has 2,000 apps similar to Shaikh's) highlights the difficulty of finding good applications. (Posted 2009-08-06)

Adam Chats with Shawn King about the Rumored Apple Tablet -- No, we don't know anything real about it - no one does. But it's our job as pundits to speculate when asked, so Adam and Your Mac Life host Shawn King bat thoughts about the much-rumored Apple Tablet back and forth in this podcast. (Posted 2009-08-06)

David Pogue Compares Amazon, Barnes & Noble's Ebook Offerings -- In his New York Times column, David Pogue offers a detailed comparison of Amazon's Kindle marketplace and Barnes & Noble's new multi-device ebook offerings. B&N suffers from too few titles, and a clutter of old public domain works from Google in search results. The initial Mac and iPhone versions require complicated navigation, as well. (Posted 2009-08-05)

App Store Gains Keywords For Apps -- The Loop covers Apple's small but appreciated gesture to iPhone developers: the capability to search for apps by keywords. With over 65,000 iPhone apps currently available, anything that makes it easier for apps to be found is welcome. (Posted 2009-08-05)


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