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iTunes 9 Refines Crowdsourcing and Sharing Features

by Adam C. Engst

At the special Rock and Roll media event last week, Apple unveiled a new version of the near-ubiquitous media application iTunes [1]. The latest version introduces a variety of features, including some that respond to user requests and others that are clearly just what Apple (or Steve Jobs, who was back on stage with a much younger liver) wants to see.

As usual, Apple touted the success of the iTunes Store, boasting about how it's now available in 23 different countries and hosts over 100 million iTunes accounts. Those users have purchased 8.5 billion songs so far, making iTunes one of the largest stores on the Web, and the top music retailer in the world.

It will take some time with the software to wrap our heads around the new features in iTunes, since Apple's demo of them was relatively brief, but they include the following:

As always, iTunes 9 is free, and is available now as a 82.8 MB download [3] or via Software Update. It requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later, although the iTunes LP and iTunes Extras features need Mac OS X 10.5 or later. It does work on older PowerPC G4- and G5-based Macs, but with some limitations for video playback.

Apple also still offers iTunes 8.2.1 [4] for PowerPC G3-based Macs; it's a 77.3 MB download.