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Avoid Long Hierarchical Menus

If you right-click (or Control-click) on some item, such as a file in the Finder, and one of the sub-menus has many options (Open With is a frequent culprit), it may take several seconds to open, even on a fast machine, which is annoying if you did not actually want that sub-menu.

The trick is to not pull the cursor through the menu, but in a curve around it, so the cursor does not touch any menu items until lower on the list where you wanted to go.

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iTunes 9.0.1 Fixes Important Bugs

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Apple has released iTunes 9.0.1 to fix a number of important bugs. From Apple's perspective, the most serious are probably those that resolve issues browsing the iTunes Store, but users will appreciate fixes for iTunes becoming unresponsive or crashing.

The release notes also claim improved app syncing for the iPhone and iPod touch, a fix for a problem syncing podcasts in playlists to an iPod or iPhone, and proper sorting for albums with multiple discs. Plus, the Genius feature is now automatically updated to show Genius Mixes, and the zoom button should now switch to the Mini Player properly.

Lastly, iTunes 9.0.1 includes a fix for a security vulnerability related to .pls files, a maliciously crafted example of which could lead to unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution. (PLS is a format for storing playlists.)

The update is available via Software Update or as an 82.95 MB download from Apple's Support Downloads page. It's available for Mac OS X 10.4.11 and later, and the usual versions of Windows.


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Comments about iTunes 9.0.1 Fixes Important Bugs
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John Baxter  An apple icon for a Friend of TidBITS 2009-09-22 20:06
"fixes important bugs" (from Twitter post) reminds me of claim heard in meeting at NCR (in 1966 or so): "This program fills a much-needed gap."
Michael Warshauer  2009-09-23 10:28
I'm waiting awhile on this install to see if it's really an improvement or just another hodgepodge of features.
Hey, Apple! How about fixing the iTunes-Airport music dropout bug?
Since updating to 9.0.1, my iTunes will no longer play samples of ITMS music smoothly. Every few seconds, playback is interrupted by a pop-up and a "Rebuffering Stream" progress bar. After a pause of a second or so, playback resumes.

Playback of streaming content from various iTunes Radio stations is fine.

This is on a 2.5 GHz MBP with a 8 Mbps downstream cable modem. All was fine before the upgrade to 9.0.1. Perhaps the ITMS is just having a bad day.
yum. bug fixes. But no performance improvements. Bloatware.
Nancy Farlow  2009-09-29 06:30
If you haven't already installed this update, DON'T DO IT! I'll give you three reasons: 1) The mini-player window now stays in front of all other app windows. It's in the way, no matter where I put it on my screen. Useless. 2) The Public Radio stations are GONE from the list. 3) iTunes STILL hangs often - no less than before, IME.
What public radio stations are gone? KALW (LA NPR/BBC). KUNC (Northern Colorado) and WGBH )Boston) are all still there.

As for the miniplayer being on top of other windows, that is a preference (Preferences => Advanced) and works as it always did.
David R  2009-09-29 11:33
I am still having problems with podcast syncing from a playlist and the play count being updated for podcasts.
tom r   2009-10-04 13:30
my public radio stream header is gone too.
It was there when I went into radio, but as soon as I clicked on it, it vanished