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Microsoft Office 2008 12.2.3 Update

The Microsoft Office 2008 12.3.3 update contains a critical security fix, as well as significant improvements in stability, according to Microsoft's release notes. Office 2008 apparently contained a flaw that could be exploited to gain control of a computer remotely. An attacker would have to create a specially crafted Word or Excel file that a user opened. No reports of this attack, labeled by Microsoft as privately reported, have been heard of in the wild.

The hefty update also improves stability of all the Office 2008 applications and many components. For those of us who work on Take Control ebooks, seeing the note that in Word 2008, stability is improved when "you accept tracked changes in a document" is music to our ears - we use change tracking constantly while editing documents and have seen regular crashes during revisions. (Free update, 349.5 MB)


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Comments about Microsoft Office 2008 12.2.3 Update
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Benjamin Lowengard  2009-11-11 05:40
The size and frequency of MSOffice updates never cease to amaze me.
Martin Klein  2009-11-11 06:50
microsoft update keeps repeating the 12.2.3 update as available, while already installed (twice)
The update froze for me.
Chris Webster  2009-11-11 13:10
MS Office update 12.2.3 failed via auto update, manually downloading from MS also fails. Any clues please?
The download completed OK, as did the installation. But Entourage can no longer retrieve my various POP server passwords from my Keychain. And when I re-enter them, they don't get saved in the Keychain. So every time I run Entourage I have to enter all my passwords again.
My wife's computer asked for permission to get the passwords from her Keychain a number of times, but it seems okay now.
It's even worse for me. I now cannot use my computer at all. It does not allow me to select any options from any menus. Can click on them but they do not stay open when I move the cursor down over them. Also appears that my HD is clicking very fast and the keyboard commands for just about anything, including single user mode do not work.
Jeff Carlson  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2009-11-12 00:10
Your hard drive is clicking?? You may be in the middle of a drive failure. I'd make sure you have a recent backup immediately.