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New Ebooks about the iPhone and iPod touch

by Adam C. Engst

For anyone who is perplexed by their iPhone or iPod touch, or who feels that they'd get more out of it if only they understood it better, two new Take Control ebooks are now available and ready to help.

Much as we wanted to release these ebooks shortly after Apple released iPhone OS 3 and the iPhone 3GS in June 2009, it took time to give these ebooks the depth and polish that we require. Luckily, during that time, Apple updated the iPhone OS several times, plus Snow Leopard and iTunes 9, so we were able to incorporate those changes as we worked. And so we are extremely pleased to announce the release of two very up-to-date ebooks: Jeff Carlson's "Take Control of Your iPhone Apps" and Ted Landau's "Take Control of iPhone OS 3."

You can buy either ebook separately or purchase them together in a discounted bundle:

If you already own Ted's previous Take Control ebook about the iPhone - "Take Control of Your iPhone" - note that this is effectively the third edition of that ebook. You should have already received an email message with update information; if not, if you bought the second edition after 1 May 2009, get in touch with us. Otherwise, open your PDF of that ebook and - on page 1 - click the Check for Updates button.

If you would like to purchase both ebooks, you can do so at a discount; look on the left side of either of the book pages linked above for a 20-percent discount on both, or a 30-percent discount if you want additional ebooks that cover related topics.