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Mac Documentaries Showing Online and Off

by Adam C. Engst

Looking for some Mac-related movie viewing? Last year's documentaries "MacHEADS [1]" and "Welcome To Macintosh [2]" were both screened at Macworld Expo in January 2009, but, being small independent films, haven't been shown in many theaters. However, if you weren't at Macworld Expo, and haven't had a chance to see them on DVD in the meantime, you're not out of luck. (And yes, I appear in "MacHEADS" a couple of times, with lots of other familiar faces from Macworld Expo).

"MacHEADS" has aired a few times on CNBC [3], including repeat showings this past weekend. "Welcome to Macintosh" also ran on CNBC [4] this month.

If you didn't catch the movies on CNBC, SnagFilms, a site dedicated to providing free streaming access to documentaries, now carries both "MacHEADS [5]" and "Welcome to Macintosh [6]," so you can watch them any time you want.

Similarly, the TV site Hulu has "MacHEADS," [7] and Netflix subscribers can also stream "Welcome to Macintosh."