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Apple Remote Desktop 3.3.2

by Adam C. Engst

Apple Remote Desktop has received updates to both the Apple Remote Desktop Client [1] software (enabled in the Sharing pane of System Preferences) and the Apple Remote Desktop Admin [2] application that's used to control and administer remote Macs. Most of the fixes that Apple details [3] in the 3.3.2 updates are fairly minor, addressing incorrect reporting, improving performance when clients are controlled by RealVNC viewers, and dealing better with clients behind NAT gateways. Reliability has also been improved in a variety of situations, such as when copying via drag-and-drop (something that's always been flaky); when authenticating new client computers; and when controlling systems with dual graphics processors, dual displays, or that are using certain resolutions. ($299 new, free update, 4.21 MB client/51.41 MB admin)