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Phone Amego 1.1.9

by Doug McLean

Sustainable Softworks has issued some minor feature improvements and bug fixes in the latest release of Phone Amego [1], the utility that enables you to control a Bluetooth mobile phone (including the iPhone) from a Mac (for more details, see "Phone Amego: the Macintosh/iPhone Mind Meld [2]," 3 September 2009). Version 1.1.9 now supports Caller ID with Linksys/Sipura VoIP phone adapters, improves phone number formatting by following Address Book conventions, displays any Google Voice "number to ring" in both the main window and tooltip, and enables users to send SMS messages without leaving the keyboard (you can now tab over to the Send button). Also, bugs related to Call Waiting Caller ID, dialing international number formats, and calls that lack Caller ID information have been addressed. ($20, free update, 2 MB)