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Move the Dock Quickly

You may find it convenient to move the position of the Dock when working in certain programs or with certain files. Rather than choosing a different position from the Dock preferences pane or using a submenu in the Apple menu's Dock submenu, you can move your Dock to a different screen edge merely by Shift-dragging the separator that divides the application and document sections.

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Chris Breen Ponders the iPad's Potential

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So where does the iPad fit in the world of gizmos and gadgets? Macworld's Chris Breen shares some thoughts regarding the iPad's potential uses in every room of your house, as well as when you're on the road or in the air. His visions suggest that third party accessories will be essential for integrating the iPad into our lives, much more so than the iPhone or the MacBook.favicon follow link


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Ed Wood  2010-02-08 16:50
My opinion: I could not use an iPad That had only a dock connection and a 64 GB hard drive. Nor would I use a computer that required me to purchase All entertainment from I supplier.
Robert Morgan  2010-02-09 07:26
There has not been much discussion of possible applications of the iPad for business. I sit on the board of a credit union and receive 50+ B&W pages of background information, before every meeting. It would wonderful to have it all on the iPad where I could easily view, search and archive all of it. To be truly useful, the iPad would have to display pdf files and have sort of annotation capability, such as that included with Preview. The iPad is a far less intrusive device for meetings than a laptop, is easier to use, more portable, and has longer battery life (the length of some of our meetings exceeds the battery life of my MacBook Pro). At the $500 price for the iPad, companies and organizations could readily justify buying the device for directors and employees. I hope that developers will give thought to creating business apps for this new device.