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Simplify Similar Syncs with ChronoSync Templates

You can create an unlimited number of ChronoSync documents with numerous settings and options that control your synchronizations. If you find yourself needing to create many similar ChronoSync documents, consider using templates.

Just create a ChronoSync document and set all the options the way you want them. Choose File > Save as Template to save the ChronoSync document as a template, and then open it in the future when creating a new ChronoSync document.

Search on "template" in ChronoSync Help for all the details.

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EFF Examines iPhone Developer License Agreement

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Alongside Apple's undeniable success with the iPhone App Store have been the near-constant stories of app rejections for dubious or entirely bogus reasons (to be fair, most rejections are entirely legitimate). But what gives Apple the right to reject or even remove apps? The iPhone Developer Program License Agreement, to which all iPhone developers must agree. The EFF has now acquired copies of the agreement and analyzed some of the more troubling clauses. Would they stand up in court? There's no way to know until someone sues Apple.favicon follow link


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Ed Wood  2010-03-15 22:12
As long as Apple persists in this type of thing, I will not encourage them by buying an iPhone or iPad. Following the same line of thought what happens if Apple tries to move this type of business to the Mac with their next OS? I, for one, will go back to windows, Win 7 seems to be competitive with OsX in many ways.