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Copy Before Submitting Web Forms

Filling in Web forms (like the one used to submit this tip) can be a bit of a gamble - you put in your pearls of wisdom, perhaps only to lose them all if the Web page flakes out or the browser crashes. Instead of losing all your text, "save" it by pressing Command-A to select all and then Command-C to copy the selected text to the clipboard. Do this periodically as you type and before you click Submit, and you may "save" yourself from a lot of frustration. It takes just a second to do, and the first time you need to rely on it to paste back in lost text, you'll feel smart.

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Larry Leveen


New Take Control Ebooks Offer Mail Help for Mac, iPad, and iPhone

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We're pleased to bring you not one, not two, but three new Take Control ebooks from Joe Kissell, all aimed at helping you use Apple Mail more effectively and solve pesky email-related problems. Two of these titles are updates to stalwarts of the Take Control series, and the third explores the timely topic of using the Mail app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. They can all be read on their own or in combination for more comprehensive guidance; various 30-percent-off bundles are available on the book pages linked below.

The new ebooks are:

  • "Take Control of Mail on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch": Brought to you by the dream team of Joe Kissell (author) and Dan Frakes (editor), this new 96-page ebook takes a practical look at using the Mail app on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. It explains various email account options, helps you develop a real-world mobile email strategy that integrates with your Mac, explains the mechanics of sending and receiving mobile email, and provides essential troubleshooting advice. Joe started with the iPhone and iPod touch in mind but was delighted to find that he could extend the manuscript to cover iPad details too, thus providing helpful, timely advice regardless of which device(s) you use for email. $10
  • "Take Control of Apple Mail in Snow Leopard": Completely updated for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard's Mail 4, this 133-page ebook provides comprehensive guidance on all things related to Apple Mail. You'll learn the nuts and bolts of receiving, composing, and sending email, along with many advanced topics, including real-world Exchange, MobileMe, and Gmail integration; mastering sophisticated organization and filing techniques; and using digital signatures and encryption. Plus you'll get a handle on various Mail mysteries - the sometimes-present Outbox, the Dock unread count, why smart addresses can be stupid, "unsafe" addresses, the Previous Recipients list, attachment tricks, and much more. $15
  • "Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail": If the 5 pages of advice about eliminating spam from your Inbox in "Take Control of Apple Mail in Snow Leopard" aren't sufficient for the volume of spam you receive on your Macintosh, this ebook brings out the big guns. Now at version 1.5, this 73-page ebook explains how Apple Mail filters out spam, discusses how to optimize the Junk Mail filter, and gives advice for fixing a spam-clogged incoming queue. Joe also reviews third-party options that can identify even more spam. The ebook comes with a coupon for $5 off on SpamSieve, Joe's favorite plug-in for enhancing Mail's anti-spam capabilities. The ebook covers Apple Mail in 10.3 Panther all the way through 10.6 Snow Leopard. $10

If you're curious about how you might read these and other Take Control ebooks on an iPad, check out Tonya's article on the topic ("Reading Take Control Ebooks on an iPad (or iPhone or iPod touch)," 7 April 2010), which also introduces our still-in-beta account management system. These books won't be available in EPUB format for a week or so, but we'll post the files as soon as we get them back from conversion.


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