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Keyboard Maestro 4.3

by Adam C. Engst

Stairways Software has released Keyboard Maestro 4.3 [1], a notable update to the company's essential macro software. New in 4.3 are "device triggers" that can activate macros based on actions from modifier keys, mouse buttons, and programmable keyboards. Other changes enhance Keyboard Maestro's AppleScript integration, so results of AppleScript (and shell) scripts can now be typed or pasted into the current selection. Plus, although AppleScript scripts no longer lock up the Keyboard Maestro engine while executing, they also no longer allow user interaction without help from another application (like System Events). The update also fixes a few obscure bugs, such as one that could cause a crash if you deleted a named clipboard while editing the clipboard's name. Full release notes [2] are available. ($36 new, free update, 9.1 MB)