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Option-Click AirPort Menu for Network Details

If you hold down the Option key while clicking the AirPort menu in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, you'll see not just the names of nearby Wi-Fi networks, but additional details about the selected network. Details include the MAC address of the network, the channel used by the base station, the signal strength (a negative number; the closer to zero it is, the stronger the signal), and the transmit rate in megabits per second showing actual network throughput. If you hover the cursor over the name of a network to which you're not connected, a little yellow pop-up shows the signal strength and type of encryption.



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Your Chair Is Trying to Kill You

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On the New York Times's health blog, Gretchen Reynolds discusses the dramatic increase in heart disease-related death for folks who sit for long periods (whether in front of a computer or television, or in the car). Even more alarming for those of us who try to get away from our screens for some exercise are recent studies that show that adding exercise to your daily routine fails to lessen the negative health impacts of a sedentary lifestyle. Rather, we desk jockeys should find ways to increase our physical activity while we work. Frequent walking breaks, pacing while you're talking on the phone, or converting to a standing desk, could truly be a lifesaver.Generic Globefollow link


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uhuznaa  2010-07-28 14:10
As someone who easily sits 10 or more hours a day in front of a computer this is really bad news. Well, I don't even own a car and walk or cycle all my ways, but if this doesn't help it is still bad.

I should probably finally get an iPad and use it to stand and walk around at least while reading and browsing... Hey, Apple: Come with a 512MB iPad and you may do something for my health! ;-)
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2010-07-28 14:42
Yeah, speaking as a competitive runner who sits most of the time I'm not running, I was really bummed about this too. I'll be looking into a standing desk like the ones Lex wrote about for Macworld at:
uhuznaa  2010-07-28 15:33
One thing I'm dreaming of is a kind of cross between a home trainer, a recumbent bike and a computer desk, generating the electricity for my computer by working out in a smooth way.

A standing desk is not bad at all, though. I think I already have something here I could use for that. Thanks for the hint!