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Arrange Icons on the iPhone/iPod touch Home Screens

Unhappy with the arrangement of your icons? You can move them around as follows: First, hold down on any Home screen icon until all the icons wiggle. Now, drag the icons to their desired locations (drag left or right to get to other screens). Finally, press the physical Home button on your device. (Unlike earlier releases, iPhone Software 2.1 doesn't move just-updated apps to the end of your Home screens, so your icons should be more stationary once you've installed the update.)

Remember that you can replace Apple's default icons in the four persistent spots at the bottom of the screen with your four most-used apps!

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Two New Take Control Ebooks about the iPhone and iPod touch

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Apple's release of the iPad and their decision to keep it at iOS 3.2 while the iPhone and iPod touch jumped to iOS 4 has created some confusion for users: although some differences among current iOS devices will disappear once they are all running iOS 4.2, other differences between the iPad and its smaller brethren are inescapable.

To provide the help that people need right now, we've released two new ebooks: "Take Control of iPhone Basics, iOS 4 Edition," by Karen G. Anderson, and "Take Control of Mail on the iPhone and iPod touch, iOS 4 Edition," by Joe Kissell.

"Take Control of iPhone Basics, iOS 4 Edition" is our first book from Karen Anderson, who was the managing editor of .Mac at Apple before the MobileMe transition and who has edited a number of Take Control titles. Her book covers the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4, and is designed to help new and prospective iPhone buyers pick the right iPhone model and accessories and successfully complete basic setup tasks. She explains power management, connecting to the Internet, how to set up a Bluetooth headset, transferring songs and other media from a computer, creating a security passcode, and how to get around the interface. Readers will also find help with synchronizing calendar events and contacts (whether via iTunes or over-the-air), buying apps, and finding apps and data on the iPhone. Finally, Karen provides a tour of the important apps from Apple, making sure that readers are comfortable with everything the iPhone can do.

"Take Control of iPhone Basics, iOS 4 Edition" is for those who are new to the iPhone or who want to ramp up their skill level and expand their comfort zone with Apple's phone. However, there's an area where even experienced users are often frustrated - dealing with email - and that's where our next book steps in.

"Take Control of Mail on the iPhone and iPod touch, iOS 4 Edition," by Joe Kissell, looks at email on the iPhone and iPod touch under iOS 4. In its 100 pages it provides the help you need to develop a mobile email strategy that gives you full control of your email and its related accounts, whether you use a regular IMAP account, Gmail, MobileMe, or Exchange.

(This ebook is essentially an updated version of Joe's earlier "Take Control of Mail on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch" that focuses on the iOS 3 version of the Mail app on all three iOS devices. Since the iPad still runs iOS 3.2, the earlier book remains for sale for iPad users.)

For those using an iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4, Joe shares his real-world recommendations about the best ways to use the Mail app, offering carefully tested advice and directions for how to set up accounts, receive email, read and send email, and file messages. Joe also explains how to solve connection problems and work around feature limitations.

We're fully aware that we've constructed a sand castle on the beach with this title, and the high tide slated to come with iOS 4.2 will erode it. Once all the iOS devices are in sync with iOS 4.2, we'll rationalize the situation in a way that doesn't penalize anyone who buys "Take Control of Mail on the iPhone and iPod touch, iOS 4 Edition" now. Meanwhile, if you have questions like the following, you'll find the answers in this book.

  • What are the new features in iOS 4 Mail, and how do I use them?

  • Why is an IMAP account especially useful on a mobile device?

  • How do I set up my email accounts?

  • How do I move around in the Mail app?

  • What's the best mailbox setup for effective navigation and filing?

  • How do I handle attachments?

  • How does Mail integrate with other apps, like Calendar and Contacts?

  • What are the best ways to find messages in the Mail app?

  • What's the deal with Exchange ActiveSync accounts?

  • Should I use push or fetch to get my messages?

  • How do I integrate Gmail with Mail?

  • Is there a way to move a message from one account to another?

  • How can I use alternative From addresses for outgoing mail?

  • Help! I can't send my email... what should I do?


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