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View Extra Audio Details in Snow Leopard

In Snow Leopard, Option-clicking the Volume icon in the menu bar displays a list of sound input and output devices. Choose one to switch to it; it's much easier than using the Sound preference pane. Also, hold Shift and click the icon to set the system volume, which is separate from the general output volume.

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Apple Exchange Program for ATI X1900 XT Video Cards

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Do you have a Mac Pro purchased sometime between August 2006 and January 2008? Have you been seeing distorted video and unsightly video artifacts? If so, Apple has created a special repair program for you. Under the terms of the program, you can take your old video card (along with your Mac Pro's serial number) to an Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider and exchange it for a new card.

Video cards that are eligible for exchange under the program have the characters "V6Z" in the last part of the card's serial number. In order to verify the card's serial number, you will need to open your Mac Pro and remove the card; you can't see the serial number when the card is installed. Apple has published a support note, "Mac Pro: ATI X1900 XT video card with distorted video," that explains how to remove the card and verify the serial number. The support note also points out that you do not need to exchange the card if it does not exhibit signs of distorted video.


The exchange program, according to Apple, applies to "affected ATI X1900 XT video cards three years from the original date of purchase or until January 31, 2011, whichever provides longer coverage," although Apple may extend the program if necessary.

If you have already paid for a repair or purchased a replacement video card, you may be eligible for a refund; contact Apple for details.


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Comments about Apple Exchange Program for ATI X1900 XT Video Cards
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Simon Woodward  2010-10-18 17:38
This is all well and good for these Mac Pros. But has anyone had similar problems on their MacBook Pros with ATY,RadeonX1600 cards? We have a couple that experience display problems.
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2010-10-19 06:41
There is a recall program for certain MacBook Pros with Nvidia GeForce 8600M video cards; see

And you're certainly not alone in your problems with the ATI Radeon X1600; see
Phil Emery  2010-10-19 07:36
I've been struggling with the ATI for months trying to figure out what the issue was. Finally just gave up and got a new card from the apple Store. Just recived the new card yesterday and installed it - then saw this.

Called Apple - hopefully they'll give me that refund!