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“Take Control of MobileMe” Guides You through Apple’s Cloud

by Michael E. Cohen

If you’ve had a Mac long enough, you’ve seen Apple’s cloud-based service go through many changes, from its humble beginnings as iTools in early 2000, through its 2002 transition to .Mac, and to its present incarnation as the far more capable MobileMe. Through all those changes, keeping track of what the service did, and how you could best use it, required constant attention to various Apple announcements and tech support postings, and to press descriptions and analyses of Apple’s play in the software-as-a-service arena.

Now, thanks to Joe Kissell and his newly revised “Take Control of MobileMe, Second Edition [1],” you can find out exactly what MobileMe offers, what it’s good for, and how you can best take advantage of its various features, all from within the virtual pages of a single $10 ebook.

Joe has been running the Red Queen’s race in his attempt to finish the book: each time he thought his book was ready for release, Apple would move the finish line by announcing a new feature or a major service change. Most recently, for example, Apple changed the way MobileMe calendars worked (see “The New MobileMe Calendar: Should You Upgrade? [2],” 20 October 2010) and updated the MobileMe-savvy iLife application suite (see “iLife ’11 Updates Three of Its Apps [3],” 20 October 2010). By burning gallons of midnight oil, Joe has succeeded in rolling information about all the latest changes into this new edition.

Among the many questions to which Joe supplies the answers are the following:

Although much of what MobileMe does is available in other ways, the convenience of MobileMe and its integration with both the Mac and Apple’s iOS devices make the $99/year service from Apple a compelling option. (Heck, all of MobileMe is cheaper than carrier services that provide features similar to Find My iPhone.) And now, with Joe’s “Take Control of MobileMe, Second Edition” guidebook, you can ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.