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BBEdit 9.6.1

Following swiftly upon the release of BBEdit 9.6 (see “BBEdit 9.6 Released; Still Doesn’t Suck,” 26 October 2010), Bare Bones Software has issued a minor update to their flagship text editor. The release notes for BBEdit 9.6.1 list one addition and two changes, along with a number of bug fixes. The addition is an expert preference, set via the command line, to show SCM administrative files in disk browsers and projects when Show Invisibles is enabled. The two changes are a new location for FTP/SFTP cache files and an expert preference to display multi-file search results in a flat list rather than hierarchically by file. Among the several dozen bug fixes is one that fixes the loss of the final character of a URL that appears at the end of a document when BBEdit tries to resolve it (a bug that Adam Engst first reported); another fix eliminates crashes caused when BBEdit erroneously attempts to load out-of-date language modules instead of ignoring them. ($129 new, free update, 15.8 MB)


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