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Set Time Zone Automatically in Snow Leopard

Frequent travelers may be interested to know that in Snow Leopard your time zone can now be set automatically by bringing up the Date & Time preference pane, clicking the Time Zone view, and selecting Set Time Zone Automatically. A progress spinner appears while Snow Leopard sends off information about the Wi-Fi signals in your vicinity and receives location data back.

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TidBITS Editors on Video at Macworld 2011

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We at TidBITS do like to opine, especially when asked. At Macworld 2011, a number of us appeared on the Macworld Live stage on the show floor, where any attendee could wander over and watch a wide variety of talks. Macworld also streamed these live, via Ustream, and even captured the video for those who couldn’t make it to Macworld 2011 to watch later. So, if you weren’t able to make it to San Francisco, turn off the TV, turn on your Mac, and check out our video appearances at the show.

Future of the Mac -- Adam Engst joined Macworld editor Dan Moren and John Gruber of Daring Fireball to be interviewed by Macworld editorial director Jason Snell about the future of the Mac. We’ll have to come back to this video in a few years to see how accurate the predictions turned out to be. (Warning! Gruber’s shirt is not safe for sensitive viewers.)

Macworld Pundit Showdown -- Glenn Fleishman and Lex Friedman appeared alongside Macworld editor Dan Moren and Rogue Amoeba chief Paul Kafasis in the Macworld Pundit Showdown IX. In this fast-moving game show, the guests were asked to give clever and sometimes thoughtful answers to questions posed by Macworld quizmaster Phil Michaels, who scored the showdown arbitrarily. (Spoiler: Though Glenn held the lead for a while, Paul came from behind to win.)

Holmes Brothers Live -- Perhaps the most oddly assembled group in the schedule, this event attempted to recreate the post-Macworld Expo dinners at the home of Joe Holmes (then a writer for MacAddict and others, now a professional photographer), with his brothers Tim (a Mac OS X evangelist at Apple at the time, now a coffeehouse proprietor) and Chris (who worked at Dantz Development). But also in attendance from those dinners of yesteryear were Adam Engst, the inimitable Andy Ihnatko, and New York City consultant Ivan Drucker (previously an Apple engineer). Ably moderated by Chris Breen of Macworld (also a member of the dinner club), the group reminisced briefly before talking about what has changed since those dinners ended in 2003 (including all the Holmes brothers leaving the Mac industry) and where things are going now.

TUAW Talks with Glenn Fleishman and John Welch -- Glenn was also waylaid by his Twitter buddy Michael T. Rose of The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) along with IT guru John C. Welch for a live-from-the-floor videocast about wireless, information technology at the expo, and the state of the show.

Parenting in the Age of the Internet -- Appearing in both audio and video, Tonya Engst participated in a fascinating panel on “Parenting in the Age of the Internet” hosted by friend-of-TidBITS Chuck Joiner, creator of MacVoices. The panel also featured other high-tech parents, including Omaha Sternberg of iGame Radio, Macworld’s Chris Breen, TUAW’s Michael T. Rose, and Chuck La Tournous from The Mac Observer. (You can also watch on YouTube, if that’s easier.)

Macworld 2011 Wrapup Podcast on MacVoices -- Finally, although this event didn’t happen at Macworld 2011, and it’s available only in audio form, all of the TidBITS staffers who attended Macworld got together last week with MacVoices host Chuck Joiner to discuss the show. While everyone agreed that Macworld 2011 was a success for us, we had some thoughts about ways it could be improved in future years, especially as the audience for Apple products changes from the core Mac loyalists.


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