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LogMeIn Ignition 2.0.264

by Glenn Fleishman

We generally restrict the TidBITS Watchlist to Mac software, but the 2.0.264 release of LogMeIn Ignition [1] is worth a shout because of how it integrates with the Mac. This update [2] to the iOS remote screen control app adds remote file browsing to its bag of tricks. LogMeIn requires a free account, and then a free or paid installation of software [3] on the Macs or Windows systems you want to control. Ignition’s update lets you browse through files, copy them to your device, view them (if in one of iOS’s supported formats), and print them. You can also transfer files between two computers in your LogMeIn account using the app. ($29.95 new, free update, 9.8 MB)