This article originally appeared in TidBITS on 2011-04-18 at 10:30 a.m.
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Adobe Flash Player

by Adam C. Engst

After reports of a critical security vulnerability [1] appearing in the wild and affecting Windows users via a Flash file embedded in Word or Excel documents, Adobe has released Flash Player [2]. Although only Windows systems were targeted in the attacks, Adobe recommends that all Macintosh, Windows, Linux, and Solaris users of previous versions of Flash update to Flash Player right away. Google Chrome builds Flash Player in; if you’re using Google Chrome, make sure to update to version 10.0.648.205 or later (choose Chrome > About Google Chrome to check the version number and update if necessary). Also affected is Adobe AIR; update to version [3] or later if you’re using any Adobe AIR-based applications. (Free updates, download sizes vary.)