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Mailplane 2.4

by Adam C. Engst

Despite the rise of social networking services, email is where the action is when it comes to getting things done, and to that end, Uncomplex’s Gmail-specific client Mailplane 2.4 [1] has added support for the popular Evernote [2] service. Designed for collecting information and, well, notes, Evernote can now be accessed directly [3] from Mailplane such that you can create notes linking to a Mailplane conversation and import email attachments directly into Evernote. Other fixes in Mailplane 2.4 include problems with Quick Links not appearing in Mailplane’s Navigate list of labels and links, Mailplane’s main window showing up even when Mailplane was set as a hidden login item, exporting Word files from Google Docs, and more. ($24.95 new, free update, 21.5 MB)