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Upgrade to and Learn Lion with New Take Control Ebooks

by Adam C. Engst

What seems like ages ago (that is, roughly three weeks back), we announced the release of a portion of Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of Upgrading to Lion [1],” containing as much information as we could provide without violating our non-disclosure agreement (see “Prepare for Lion with New Take Control Books [2],” 30 June 2011). At the same time we offered pre-orders for Matt Neuburg’s “Take Control of Using Lion [3].” (Everyone who bought them in the intervening weeks should now have received email from us with instructions on how to get the free updates; if not, just look in your Take Control Library [4].)

Now that the big cat is out of its proverbial bag, we are pleased to announce the release of full versions of both books, available now — that’s over 300 pages of Lion-taming information! Each book is available independently for $15, but we also designed them to work together to help you upgrade successfully and get started using Lion’s new features, so you can buy them together at a 20-percent discount [5] (you pay $24 instead of the $30 list price). Read on for details.

Take Control of Upgrading to Lion -- It’s foolhardy to dive into a major OS upgrade without verifying that you have the right software and hardware to proceed and making a backup to which you can revert if things go wrong. Join best-selling author Joe Kissell for the necessary pre-upgrade check and expert backup advice, along with suggestions on how to clear the decks of useless cruft so you can start using Lion fresh. In particular, in “Take Control of Upgrading to Lion [6],” you’ll learn how to:

Take Control of Using Lion -- In “Take Control of Using Lion [7],” author Matt Neuburg looks deeply at important new features in Lion while also discussing older features and third-party options that may work better for you, all with the goal of helping you understand Lion’s benefits, learn new habits, and get back to work quickly after your upgrade. Major topics help you to:

“Take Control of Using Lion” also answers many key questions about Lion, such as:

That’s it for now, but rest assured that we have more books about Lion in the pipeline — both new books and updates to existing titles — so stay tuned!