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DealBITS Drawing: Win a Copy of DiscLabel 6.3

by Adam C. Engst

DealBITS is back! You may not have noticed its absence, but we did, since I had built DealBITS in Web Crossing, running on our now-defunct PowerPC G4-based Xserve. As such, moving DealBITS to our current virtual server required completely rewriting the code that manages drawings, accepts entries, and chooses winners. That’s now done, and we’re pleased to welcome our friends at Smile for the maiden voyage of the new DealBITS system. Of course, we’re hoping everything works smoothly, but please bear with us if there are quirks or previously undiscovered rough edges.

For this week’s DealBITS drawing, then, we’re giving away three copies of Smile’s DiscLabel 6.3 [1], which makes creating labels for CDs and DVDs easy, thanks to a streamlined interface for creating new designs and an inspector that simplifies editing object, image, and text properties. You can import iTunes track information into your label design, add imported images to all label and packaging design elements simultaneously, and create montages from multiple photos. Most important, DiscLabel can print to almost all label and paper types, and even supports direct-on-disc printers and LightScribe.

So if you want to win one of three copies of DiscLabel 6.3, worth $35.95, enter at the DealBITS page [2]. All information gathered is covered by our comprehensive privacy policy [3].

[image link] [4]

Finally, I want to call out some minor changes in the way we’re running DealBITS now.