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Mac OS X 10.7.1 Fixes Just a Few Bugs

by Adam C. Engst

Apple has updated Mac OS X Lion to version 10.7.1, fixing only a small number of important bugs and revealing that the recently released MacBook Air and Mac mini models were on a slightly different development track, since they get their own updates.

Should you update? Apple’s recent woes with minor Mac OS X updates lead me to suggest that it might be worth waiting a few days, but this update is so focused that the chance that it would introduce significant new problems seems low. As always, we recommend you have a solid backup in place before proceeding with a system update until such time as Apple allows us to roll-back from a problematic update.

Mac OS X 10.7.1 -- With OS X Lion Update 10.7.1 (Client) [1], Apple calls out only five specific fixes, and while there are undoubtedly a few others, the update is small — only 17.4 MB via Software Update for me, and 79.29 MB from Apple’s site — implying that it really is a focused update. The fixes:

If you have one of the just-released MacBook Air or Mac mini models, there’s a different update for you, the OS X Lion 10.7.1 Update for MacBook Air and Mac mini 2011 (Client) [8] (68.86 MB). Along with the previously mentioned fixes, it includes fixes that:

Hopefully, with 10.7.2, the new MacBook Air and Mac mini will be brought back into the fold so we won’t have separate updates to track.

Mac OS X Server 10.7.1 -- The OS X Lion Update 10.7.1 (Server) [9], which is an 88.26 MB download, addresses exactly the same five bugs, with only one additional change called out on its About page [10] — improvements in the reliability of the Apple File Service.

And, since Apple sells a Mac OS X Server configuration of the new Mac mini and you can install Mac OS X Server on a new MacBook Air (though that seems like an unusual action to take), there’s a special update for these machines as well, the OS X Lion 10.7.1 Update for Mac mini 2011 (Server) [11]. It’s 78.11 MB, and includes the same MacBook Air and Mac mini fixes as the client version of 10.7.1.

Waiting for 10.7.2 -- As with the 10.6.1 update to Snow Leopard, 10.7.1 is so small that it seems clear that Apple is using it to stamp out just the most egregious bugs (see “Tiny Mac OS X 10.6.1 Update Fixes Some Bugs [12],” 10 September 2009). The question is, then, when we’ll see 10.7.2, and if it will go beyond fixing major bugs to address more minor concerns and changes that, while not actually bugs, seem counter-productive.