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iPod touch and iPod nano Receive Minor Updates

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As Apple’s iPod business slows in favor of iOS device sales, Apple is devoting little attention to the music-focused iPods. And even the iPod touch announcements at last week’s media event were nothing more than minor cosmetic and pricing changes compared to major improvements — such as the Retina Display and a front-facing camera — added in previous models.

As far as we can tell, the only physical change Apple made to the iPod touch is the addition of a white model. Pricing has changed slightly too, with the 8 GB model dropping from $229 to $199, while the 32 GB and 64 GB models keep their $299 and $399 prices. The new models will be available on 12 October 2011 to coincide with iOS 5 and iCloud.

In essence, the new iPod touch gains new features by virtue of coming with iOS 5 and working with iCloud. Although nothing was said about compatibility with older models, the company has previously said that iOS 5 would run on the third-generation and later iPod touch models.

The iPod nano retains the same form factor, but Apple made a few changes both in the hardware and the software. On the hardware side, the Nike+ sensor is now built in, so no extra dongle is required for it to track your walks and runs. On the software side, Apple increased the size of the icons to make it easier to swipe between them. Also, because of the popularity of watch bands designed for use with the iPod nano, Apple added 16 new clock faces, including Mickey Mouse and LED designs.

The iPod nano is available in seven colors and now costs $129 for 8 GB and $149 for 16 GB. It’s available immediately.

Although it merited only the briefest mention in the Apple keynote, the iPod shuffle remains available for $49; as far as we know, there are no changes.

And yes, the iPod classic continues to soldier on, with 160 GB of storage for $249.


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Comments about iPod touch and iPod nano Receive Minor Updates
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Paul G  2011-10-04 20:31
And the classic is finally available in 160GB again!
Jeffrey Richardson  2011-10-11 19:12
Are you sure the Nike+ sensor is built in? I think Apple just emphasized that you could use the built-in pedometer, which you could also do with last year's Nano. I presume the Nike+ sensor is more accurate, but that is just a guess. It looks to me like the "new" Nano is the same one as last year plus a software update.
Jeff Carlson  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2011-10-11 19:38
I think it refers to the sensor within the iPod that communicates with the thing you put in your shoe. Previous versions required a dongle attachment to communicate.
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2011-10-11 19:50
Apple definitely said you could upload to the Nike site, but I don't have one to test for sure.
Glenn Fleishman  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2011-10-11 20:14
I just read Apple's page and it says to use Nike+, you either need an iPod nano or Nike+ shoes, a $19 Apple interface, and iPhone 3GS or later or iPod touch. The page notes, "Grab your iPod nano and go — no accessories required."
Meyerson  An apple icon for a TidBITS Contributor 2011-10-12 03:05
Previous question retracted. I know better!
Aryeh Berger  2011-10-19 02:08
Is the software update for iPod nano available to all iPod nanos (last years model)?