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Appcuity is the New, Better Appalicious

by Matt Neuburg

In “Appalicious Makes the Mac App Store Useful [1],” 1 September 2011, I described ProVUE’s clever application Appalicious, which presents information from the Mac App Store far more helpfully, neatly, and completely than Apple’s own App Store application. Now, in response to threatened legal action, Appalicious has changed its name to Appcuity, and its Web site [2] has been renamed (and helpfully reorganized). In addition, ProVUE has taken this opportunity to implement some feature improvements.

The Appcuity database now tracks Apple’s Top Charts rankings, based on download counts for free apps and gross sales for paid apps. App ranks are displayed as a column of numbers in the Appcuity main window, along with historical information such as the highest rank a given app has ever achieved, plus a more extended history in the app’s detail window, so you can see how an app changes rank over time.

Equally intriguing are changes to Appcuity’s pricing model. (Disclaimer: Some of these changes may have been implemented in response to my suggestions.)

ProVUE requests that existing Appalicious users download Appcuity promptly, as the online database will soon cease accepting data update requests from copies of Appalicious. The switch to Appcuity is completely transparent; your Appalicious subscription is turned into an Appcuity subscription automatically, behind the scenes. I downloaded Appcuity and launched it, whereupon it immediately displayed my existing Appalicious data and then updated that data based on my existing subscription, just as if Appcuity and Appalicious were the same application; since this was the same machine, I didn’t even need to re-enter my license information.

Appcuity is a 27.6 MB download [3]. It requires a Mac that can access the Mac App Store (meaning Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later). New users automatically experience Appcuity as Appcuity Pro for a week; after that, it becomes Appcuity Lite unless you buy a Pro subscription or get a friend to try Appcuity.