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Extract Directly from Time Machine

Normally you use Time Machine to restore lost data in a file like this: within the Time Machine interface, you go back to the time the file was not yet messed up, and you restore it to replace the file you have now.

You can also elect to keep both, but the restored file takes the name and place of the current one. So, if you have made changes since the backup took place that you would like to keep, they are lost, or you have to mess around a bit to merge changes, rename files, and trash the unwanted one.

As an alternative, you can browse the Time Machine backup volume directly in the Finder like any normal disk, navigate through the chronological backup hierarchy, and find the file which contains the lost content.

Once you've found it, you can open it and the current version of the file side-by-side, and copy information from Time Machine's version of the file into the current one, without losing any content you put in it since the backup was made.

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Eolake Stobblehouse


iTunes 10.5.2

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iTunes Match has been finicky for many people since its launch, but as with any service that includes both local and remote components, there’s no telling where the problems lie. Apple has now released iTunes 10.5.2, advertising it as providing “several improvements for iTunes Match,” so perhaps we’ll see some of the iTunes Match oddities disappearing (like why does it sometimes match all but one song on an album?). Also fixed in iTunes 10.5.2 is an audio distortion problem when playing or importing certain CDs. Apple doesn’t explain what “certain” means, but it does make one wonder if the music companies are trying some sort of copy-prevention hackery. (Free, 102 MB)


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Comments about iTunes 10.5.2
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Wayne B Hewitt  2011-12-14 06:23
Apple has Fixed FOR THE SECOND TIME a bug that prevented album art work from being "dragged and dropped" from the main display window to the Desktop. This bug was not just annoying, but downright scary for those of us with some 13,000 odd covers painstakingly collected, cropped, sized and color adjusted.
Mark Withers  2011-12-20 17:22
I'm glad they fixed the issue with artwork as well. I've noticed so many issues with iTunes Match myself since I utilize my iPhone all day at work and listen to music to drown out the cubical noise so that I can concentrate on my work. Odd things such as empty playlists and sometimes the dreaded skipping and stopping of the music because of a bad cellular data connection. As a result, I am attempting to remedy the situation by downloading all of my favorite albums to my iPhone so that if data issues happen, I can listen to the music that is local to my iPhone. Hope that this can be fixed as well as the occasional 'freezing' of the iPhone interface due to downloading and read/write activity.
Grant Crosthwaite  2012-01-03 03:41
I've been having an issue with iTunes Match where it tells me "This computer is associated with another Apple ID" it then says I have to wait 3 months to change this. [note the word "computer" in the message]. I know about the limitation on changing Apple IDs on iOS devices but on a mac? An iOS device can reasonably be considered a single person device. But Macs are multiple user devices by design. I know that my son has set up his user account to automatically download purchases using his own Apple ID but I'm surprised that this would stop me from doing the same on my user account. I've spoken to AppleCare and they don't seem to understand my issue but I'm continuing to ask them. Consequently I now face losing 3 months of the 12 month subscription to iTunes Match.
Anyway, I just wanted to alert people to the possibility of an issue if there are multiple iTunes match users using the same computer even on different user accounts. This update has not fixed the issue for me.
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2012-01-03 06:32
I wish I could offer some advice, but honestly, it's a black box, and I think only the Apple support people stand a chance of being able to solve it for you.

I really wish Apple had allowed Apple ID merging, since that would have cleared up a lot of this.
Grant Crosthwaite  2012-01-03 15:27
Hi Adam

On re-reading my post it does look like I'm complaining/asking for help. However, I really was just wanting to warn people about this issue. I agree with you that Apple ID merging is the answer to a lot of issues. I haven't seen any comment from Apple as to whether it might happen in the future. If I get a resolution through AppleCare I'll be sure to let you know.

Thanks for the reply.
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2012-01-04 07:17
Great - please do share if AppleCare manages to solve the problem.