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Swoop to Victory

Swoop to Victory -- If you don't suffer from repetitive strain injuries and need an excuse to play more video games, check out Swoop, a $15 shareware program written by David Wareing and distributed by Ambrosia Software. Given my (mostly better) tendonitis, I could not play Swoop for long, but it appears to live up to Ambrosia's description as "a fast vertical shoot 'em up arcade game for the Macintosh in which you battle 3D-rendered aliens with a variety of powerful weapons."

ftp://mirrors.aol.com//pub/info-mac/game/arc/ swoop-101.hqx

Ambrosia Software has announced a High Score Contest wherein the player achieving the highest Swoop score by 01-Dec-95 will be awarded $300; the second- and third-highest scoring contenders will win $100 and $50 respectively; and the top fifty players will win t-shirts. To enter you must be a registered user of Swoop, and have at least Swoop version 1.0.1. You can find out more about the contest in a document called "Swoop Contest PR.text," which is installed along with Swoop when you run the Swoop installer. [TJE]

Ambrosia Software -- 800/231-1816 -- 716/325-1910 -- 716/325-3665 (fax)


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