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Add Notes to Pre-existing Recordings in Pear Note

While most people think of Pear Note as a tool for recording notes live, it can be used to take notes on pre-existing recordings as well. If you have an audio or video recording that you'd like to take notes on in Pear Note, simply:

  1. Drag the audio/video file to Pear Note and import it into a new document.
  2. Hit play.
  3. Click the lock to unlock the text of the note.

Now you can take notes that will be synced to the recording, just as if you'd recorded them live.

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TidBITS 2012 Holiday Hiatus

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December has once again been unseasonably warm here in upstate New York, making it more difficult to anticipate the holiday season than when it’s cold and white outside. We’ve also been working non-stop, what with the ongoing TidBITS coverage, plus getting all our technology ducks in a row for the TidBITS membership renewals (“TidBITS Needs Your Support in 2013: Join Our Membership Program,” 17 December 2012) and launching our Take Control Live online video experiment (“Introducing “Take Control Live: Working with Your iPad”,” 29 November 2012). But holiday celebrations approach, and the end of the year is close behind, making this is the final issue of TidBITS for 2012.

Overall, 2012 was a good year for us, bolstered by the support of several thousand TidBITS members, who showed that our idea of community-supported content really can work for smaller publications. And, of course, we’re eternally grateful to the corporate sponsors who have long provided our core funding, especially current long-term sponsors Bare Bones Software, CrashPlan, Smile, and ScanSnap.

Tonya and I are equally thankful for the highly capable and amiable assistance of Glenn Fleishman, Jeff Carlson, Joe Kissell, Matt Neuburg, Michael Cohen, Agen Schmitz, Rich Mogull, and Mark Anbinder, along with the many Take Control authors and editors. Being able to congregate regularly via Google+ hangouts has been a nice addition to our text-only conversations in email, iMessage, and Skype, and we’re looking forward to getting together at Macworld/iWorld in late January.

Thanks too, to the writers who have contributed articles to TidBITS throughout the year, to the indefatigable volunteers who translate TidBITS into Dutch and Japanese, to those who leave comments on articles and participate in TidBITS Talk, and to everyone who carves out precious time to read what we write.

Thank you, one and all, and may all your holiday wishes come true.

As is our custom, we’re taking the final two weeks of the year off from the email issue, so we can all spend time with family and friends, reflect on the past year, rest up a bit, and look forward to whatever excitement Apple and the rest of the technology industry have in store for us in 2013.

Although many of us will be offline for large portions of the next few weeks, be sure to stop by the TidBITS Web site, read along in the free TidBITS News app on your iOS device, or subscribe to our RSS, Twitter, or Facebook feeds for news, ExtraBITS links, Watchlist items, and other articles we can’t resist posting over the holiday break. TidBITS Talk discussions will continue as well, though undoubtedly at a more relaxed pace. The next email issue of TidBITS will come out on 7 January 2013. See you then!


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Steve Nicholson  2012-12-18 11:54
Happy holidays and best wishes for a healthy and peaceful 2013!