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Find Text Leading from Acrobat PDF

Ever have to recreate a document from an Acrobat PDF? You can find out most everything about the text by using the Object Inspector, except the leading. Well, here's a cheesy way to figure it out. Open the PDF in Illustrator (you just need one page). Release any and all clipping masks. Draw a guide at the baseline of the first line of text, and one on the line below. Now, Option-drag the first line to make a copy, and position it exactly next to the original first line at baseline. Then put a return anywhere in the copied line. Now adjust leading of the copied lines, so that the second line of copy rests on the baseline of the second line of the original. Now you know your leading.

Or you could buy expensive software to find the leading. Your choice.

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50 Million Impacted in LivingSocial Data Breach

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Kara Swisher of reports that LivingSocial, a daily deals site owned in part by Amazon, has suffered a massive data breach involving the names, email addresses, birth dates, and encrypted passwords of 50 million customers. No credit card or financial information was lost, luckily, but this is just another example of why it’s essential to create a different strong password for every Web site and Internet service. Read Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of Your Passwords” for a complete password strategy.favicon follow link

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Password overload has driven many of us to take dangerous shortcuts. If you think ZombieCat12 is a secure password, that you can safely reuse a password, or that no one would try to steal your password…think again! Overcome password frustration with expert advice from Joe Kissell, and don't miss our Joe of Tech comic or Joe’s intro video!


Comments about 50 Million Impacted in LivingSocial Data Breach
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George Stamas  2013-04-29 20:27
As I commented over at AllThingsD:

"I received an email from these guys saying I should reset my password. I have never had an account with them, but in case my memory failed me (old age), I entered my email and got a message that i didn't have an account with them yet, and a page to fill out to open one. I declined."

If they are associated with Amazon, perhaps that is where they got my email. Seems spammy in any event.
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2013-04-30 06:10
That is troubling. My gut feeling is that it's probably not related to Amazon so much as LivingSocial perhaps having email addresses for people who haven't yet signed up - an email marketing database in essence. But whatever the reason, this may be a serious problem for LivingSocial going forward, especially as these daily deals sites wane in popularity in general.