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PCWorld Magazine Drops Print for the Web

It’s the end of an era. The August 2013 issue marks the final U.S. print version of the venerable PCWorld magazine, founded in 1983. However, PCWorld will still publish on the Web, and the print magazine will continue in some other countries. PCWorld’s sister publication, Macworld, will continue to arrive on newsstands each month for the foreseeable future.favicon follow link


Comments about PCWorld Magazine Drops Print for the Web
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Peter U  An apple icon for a TidBITS Contributor 2013-07-15 19:33
I have a print and ipad subscription of MacWorld. While I love reading on the iPad in general, I hardly ever look at the electronic version of MacWorld. I like to make notes and highlight stuff which is impossible with the iPad version. eMags are great but if they have less functionality than the printed versions, something is wrong. If MacWorld goes electronic only, they need to catch up with functionality - or they will lose me as reader.
Dennis B. Swaney  2013-07-15 20:38
After I finish reading my copies of MacWorld and MacLife, I pass them on to others, like nursing homes, etc. you can't share a digital copy likewise. Thus greed is probably the reason PCWorld will only allow digital subscriptions.
Steven Oz  An apple icon for a TidBITS Contributor 2013-07-16 13:47
A digital-only PCWorld is a disappointment to me since I don't have an iPad and I read the magazine while commuting. Plus, I write notes for myself on the pages, like the other poster.

So I wanted a refund, after recently resubscribing. The refund button didn't work on their webpage and an 800 number I was directed to didn't have a menu choice for refunds. There was no customer service representative option.

PCWorld is making it difficult to refund my money even though the presses have stopped.
Steven Oz  An apple icon for a TidBITS Contributor 2013-07-23 09:50
Update: I got my refund.

I'm sorry that the printed PCWorld is history. I always learned something reading it on my commute.