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Revisiting the Paperless Office with Joe Kissell

by Michael E. Cohen

It has been almost three years since Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of Your Paperless Office” rolled off our virtual presses (see “‘Take Control of Your Paperless Office’ Reduces Pulp Friction [1],” 17 November 2010), and things in the paperless world have changed a bit since then. No, not Joe’s basic strategies for shrinking to manageable size the piles of paper that modern life can heap upon us, but rather, the available tools and services that can help us clear them away. In the just-released “Take Control of Your Paperless Office, Second Edition [2]” (available for $10 in PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket formats — but not on paper!), Joe guides readers through the steps of turning the deluge of paper flowing through the modern office and home into a trickle.

For those who have already undertaken the move to a reduced-paper world, Joe shows how to examine your procedures and tools with an eye toward streamlining your workflows and increasing your efficiency in response to the changes – some good, some not — that have taken place in the past few years.

Among the changes for the better during that time are:

At the same time, additional challenges to eliminating paper have emerged, such as:

For new readers who have yet to embark on a paper-reduction journey, Joe explains how to:

As he explains in the introduction, Joe is no enemy of paper. On the other hand, he has moved across the Atlantic – twice — and is intimately familiar with how much paper can accumulate if you give it half a chance. His book is the product of hard-earned experience accumulated in his efforts to de-clutter his own life. At 147 (virtual) pages, “Take Control of Your Paperless Office, Second Edition [3]” is a useful addition to anyone’s (virtual) bookshelf of practical volumes.