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DEVONagent Lite, Express, and Pro 3.5.2

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

DEVONtechnologies has updated its three editions of DEVONagent [1] (Lite, Express, and Pro) with refinements to the user interface that hide rarely used or unavailable options while also adding the capability to access commonly used commands via the contextual menu. The Express and Pro versions feature an updated “Tube” scanner that hunts through Web pages for embedded media. The Pro version also hides DEVONthink commands if that app isn’t installed, and revises its Web user agent to improve compatibility with certain Web sites. All three editions (Lite [2], Express, or Pro [3]) have also been updated to version 3.5.2 in the Mac App Store with full sandboxing. (All updates are free. DEVONagent Lite, free, 3.5 MB, release notes [4]; DEVONagent Express, $4.95 new, 8.1 MB, release notes [5]; DEVONagent Pro, $49.95 new with a 25 percent discount for TidBITS members [6], 17 MB, release notes [7])