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Nisus Writer Pro 2.0.6 and Express 3.4.5

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

Nisus Software has released Nisus Writer Pro 2.0.6 [1] and Nisus Writer Express 3.4.5 [2] with a number of minor improvements and fixes to both editions of the word processing app. The updates now enable you to override list styles to set a starting list number for a single paragraph, improve stability with fixes for a variety of crashes (such as importing or pasting content with nested tables), and make several enhancements to palette stepper behavior. The Pro edition also fixes an issue with failed imports of documents with floating content, and speeds up the rebuilding of generated indexes and the opening of documents with many tables in Draft View. Note that as of this writing neither Nisus Writer Pro [3] or Express [4] have been updated in the Mac App Store, but the Nisus blog [5] hopes the wait won’t be too long. (Nisus Writer Pro: $79 new, free update, 179 MB, release notes [6]. Nisus Writer Express: $45 new, free update, 51.1 MB, release notes [7].)