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DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.7

Improving support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks and Markdown, DEVONtechnologies has updated all three versions of DEVONthink (Personal, Pro, and Pro Office) and DEVONnote to version 2.7. On the Mavericks front, all three editions of DEVONthink adjust the appearance of labels to hew more closely to the look and feel of Mavericks, add compatible tags when exporting, support tags created by the Mavericks Finder, and ensure more reliable importing and indexing of images and PDF documents. (DEVONnote picks up the label appearance and tagging changes.) All three DEVONthink titles also add Markdown support to the Take Note panel, bring support for formatted notes and Markdown text formatting language in the Sorter, and enable all text documents to be displayed as Markdown. The updates to DEVONthink also make several synchronization improvements, including deletion of transactions older than 24 hours and encryption of metadata and content at the record level.

The Mac App Store version of DEVONnote fixes a problem with importing notes from Evernote, and it now requires 10.8.3 Mountain Lion (the version available from DEVONtechnologies requires 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or later). However, as of this writing, DEVONnote 2.7 isn’t available in the Mac App Store. (All updates are free. DEVONthink Pro Office, $149.95 new, release notes; DEVONthink Professional, $79.95 new, release notes; DEVONthink Personal, $49.95 new, release notes; DEVONnote, $24.95 new, release notes; 25 percent discount for TidBITS members on DEVONnote and all editions of DEVONthink)


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Comments about DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.7
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Michael B  2013-10-21 14:50
I've updated to version 2.7 of Devonthink Pro and am now having trouble syncing via dropbox. One of my DBs wouldn't sync from my laptop and required me to do a "Clean location" operation. After doing that and re-syncing, I can no longer sync that DB from my desktop, getting the following message: ""(Dropbox) Could not read the receipt. The receipt may have been created with an outdated version of the SyncPlugin. Please clean the remote store and try again.""

I'm working with their support to get it fixed. Currently the fix they sent me crashes the program when syncing. If you rely on syncing, you may want to wait a bit before upgrading. I see on their support forum that other people have had problems as well.
Hi, were you successful with fixing this bug? If yes, I'd like to know what the solution is since… I just encountered it myself. Btw, don't know how to do a "clean location"…