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Remove Excess Audio/Video from a Pear Note

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you used Pear Note to record a class or meeting, then forgot to stop the recording and ended up with an extra few hours that you didn't want, don't worry. You can crop off the extra recording. Just move the playhead to the end of what you want to keep, then select Crop Recording From Here from the Edit menu.

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Apple Promises Restored iWork Features

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When Apple overhauled its iWork apps last month, power users were outraged by the loss of features like AppleScript support and custom toolbars. In a rare move, Apple has released a support document promising to restore many of these features within the next six months. If you rely on any of the capabilities Apple removed, hang tight with the previous iWork apps until the new ones catch up. Fortunately, Apple’s support document also explains how to revert documents in the new iWork format to the iWork ’09 format for use with the older software.favicon follow link


Comments about Apple Promises Restored iWork Features
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Tom Robinson  2013-11-06 13:30
Unusual but welcome notification from Apple. No mention of bringing back RTF import in Pages, which has caught some people out.
Eric Stefanski  2013-11-06 18:25
The list of features they're bringing back are more 'ease of use' than actual function. The instructions for reverting an edited document are nonsense: you cannot restore a document that has been destroyed by this insane program's having stripped out linked text boxes!

If this is all they're promising for six months out, the only choice is to move to a different app; there is no real point hanging onto a 5 year old program that its makers have crippled and have no stated intention of fixing.

Put another way: Pages 5 without text box linking is not an upgrade to Pages '09, but an entirely different app—one that's a lot less worth having.
Andreas Frick  2013-11-07 05:58
What's about import of AppleWorks documents? Does this still work? Apple better would have had renamed the new applications.
Josh Centers  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2013-11-07 09:01
Hi Andreas, Michael Cohen tried to open an AppleWorks file in the new Pages and it didn't work. The good news is that when you update, it keeps copies of the iWork '09 apps, so I would open them up in those and convert them as soon as possible.