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Marked 2.1

by Josh Centers

Developer Brett Terpstra has released Marked 2.1 [1] to address issues brought up in our initial review (see “Marked 2: A Must-Have for Markdown Writers [2],” 1 November 2013). Its major addition is the capability to choose words to be ignored by the Visualize Word Repetition feature. Option-click a highlighted word to ignore repetitions in a single document, or Shift-Option-Click to ignore repetitions in all documents. The list can be managed in Preferences > Proofing > Ignore Repeats. The Export and Keyword Highlight drawers have been redesigned with a more modern look that sheds the dark linen background. Finally, Terpstra has included a fix for issues viewing Scrivener documents, with more Scrivener-related updates promised soon. ($11.99 new, free update, 22.5 MB, release notes [3])

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