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LogMeIn Dropping Free Service

After ten years, LogMeIn is dropping the free tier of its remote access service. Users will have seven days after their next login to convert to a LogMeIn Pro account, which starts at $99 per year. This change also affects purchasers of the LogMeIn Ignition apps for iOS and Android, which cost up to $149.99 and have been replaced by free apps — the company promises “significant discounts” and “generous terms” to “ease the transition.” LogMeIn’s other products, including and Cubby, are unaffected by this change.favicon follow link


Comments about LogMeIn Dropping Free Service
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David Schultz   2014-01-21 16:38
I think the way they went about this is terrible. It should have been transition over the course of years. We have a lot of computer we access remotely. We had to switch to central with price of 300per year. Now all of the sudden they want 1500.00per year Out of the blue. Thank the CEOs' that see $$$ to help their stocks. While hurting a great product at the cost of greed.
What did you expect?
Who gives away their product?
I have used Logmein for years for free and I always wondered why they would give it away.
It did not make any sense to me to give away a great product.
Stephen B  2014-01-22 07:00
Many of us can agree that a business has to cover its costs - including costs of risk capital (commonly referred to as profit).

Nevertheless, the way they went about this change will likely end up as a case study in how to make bad business decisions. To send out emails announcing that the free service is gone (and hidden in the fine print is that you have 7 days grace) is the height of business stupidity. Even writing the announcement that the free service WILL be gone in 7 days (with no grace period thereafter) would have been better.

Time will tell, but I think they will have destroyed much trust with their Pro customers - who can see how non-Pro customers were treated and will wonder Who's Next?
leafs4thecupin2014  2014-01-24 12:22
Totally agree - what's with all the hate for asking ppl to pay for a product that they've invested enormous resources in. As an alternative, albeit not entirely free, I would recommend Techinline - works just like LMI but at a much lower price than their commercial products
Steven Oz  An apple icon for a TidBITS Contributor 2014-02-05 16:12
I agree too. LMI is a great product that works. But seven days notice after years of 'Here, use me!' service? It almost seems like a new CEO wanted to show a lot of new dollars quickly to investors (but I really have no idea...)