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Chapter 3 of “Take Control of OS X Server” Now Available

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With Charles Edge’s advice on how to choose server hardware under our belts, it’s time to move on to the most important chapter in his in-progress “Take Control of OS X Server.” In Chapter 3, “Preparation and Installation,” Charles helps readers work through creating a clean environment in which to install OS X Server and then get it installed and configured for basic use.

Some of these steps are trivially easy (configuring Energy Saver to prevent the server from going to sleep), whereas others (turning on DNS) are a bit more complex. Although it’s tempting to take the path of least resistance during setup, there are times — and this is one of them — where some additional effort up front can prevent significant headaches later on. That’s where Charles’s hard-won experience over many years of working with OS X Server comes in.

Everyone is welcome to read Chapter 1, “Introducing OS X Server” and Chapter 2, “Choosing Server Hardware,” to see where the book will be going, but this chapter is available only to TidBITS members — if you’re already a TidBITS member, log in to the TidBITS site using the email address from which you joined. The full ebook of “Take Control of OS X Server” will be available for purchase by everyone in PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket (Kindle) formats once it’s complete.

Publishing this book in its entirety for TidBITS members as it’s being written is just one of the ways we thank TidBITS members for their support. We also hope it encourages those of you who have been reading TidBITS for free for years to help us continue to bring you more of the professionally written and edited articles you’ve become accustomed to each week. For more details on what the membership program means to us, see “TidBITS Needs Your Support in 2013: Join Our Membership Program” (17 December 2012).


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Anonymous  2014-06-03 14:16
I like this approach of making some TC content available to subscribers.

You might also consider a TC membership program. I often want to skim a book, or certain chapters, but get hung up mentally on buying the whole thing. I might be willing to pony up a membership fee that gives me all access (or does that exist and i'm embarrassing myself … lol)
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2014-06-03 14:35
We've long pondered that, and even have most of the code to do it already on the server. The problem is largely related to figuring out how to distribute income from a subscription system to authors equitably. And there's always a worry that it might result in lower revenue - we can't see a good way to test it.