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“Take Control of Your Apple Wi-Fi Network” Answers Wi-Fi Questions

by Adam C. Engst

Some things improve with age, and while old Wi-Fi networks don’t fall into that category, Glenn Fleishman’s documentation of everything related to Apple’s AirPort base stations and Wi-Fi networking continues to get better. Over the past decade, Glenn’s “Take Control of Your AirPort Network” books have consistently ranked among our most popular titles for a good reason — they’re the essential resources that the Apple community relies on for help with Wi-Fi networks.

To keep up with Apple’s changes, we’ve just published “Take Control of Your Apple Wi-Fi Network [1],” a new title that focuses on the latest tools and technologies for wireless networking, such as AirPort Utility 6 for Mac and AirPort Utility for iOS, plus Apple’s 802.11ac base stations. In this 196-page book, Glenn helps you swap in new gear for better performance, extend your network’s range with multiple base stations, add USB drives and shared printers, enable security options and guest networking, maximize throughput, and solve pesky problems. It costs $20 and is available for immediate download.

Take Control of Your Apple Wi-Fi Network [2]” will show you how to do the following, among much else:

Why the new title? Now that Apple is making 802.11ac base stations, we needed a new title that didn’t explicitly reference 802.11n, hence “Take Control of Your Apple Wi-Fi Network [3]” replacing the previous “Take Control of Your 802.11n AirPort Network.” We didn’t call it “Take Control of Your AirPort Network” because Glenn’s first Wi-Fi networking ebook used that title back in 2004, and because Apple seems to be deprecating the AirPort name within OS X and iOS.