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VMware Fusion 7.0 and Fusion 7.0 Professional

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

Ensuring compatibility with OS X Yosemite as well as the latest Mac hardware, VMware has updated its popular virtualization package VMware Fusion to version 7.0 with standard [1] and Professional [2] editions. In addition to adopting Yosemite’s look and feel (with translucent windows and streamlined toolbars), both editions increase energy efficiency to improve battery life when running on a Mac laptop; support the latest Intel Core i5, i7, and Xeon E5 processors (with up to 43 percent improved performance from multimedia, encryption, and decryption operations); and provide optimized Retina display support for Windows applications. In addition to the features found in the standard edition, Fusion 7 Professional adds support for a wider variety of operating systems, the capability to manage virtual machines remotely on vSphere servers, support for using a Mac’s iSight camera within a Windows virtual machine, and optimization for dual graphics processors on the MacBook Pro (enabling those with discrete and integrated GPUs to choose one or the other).

If you have a license for VMware Fusion 5 or 6, you can upgrade to the standard edition for $49.99, while VMware Fusion Professional 5 or 6 can be upgraded for $79.99. If you purchased version 6 of either edition on or after 1 August 2014, you are eligible for a free electronic upgrade. Note that VMware Fusion’s price has increased for both editions, moving to $69.99 from the $59.99 charged for the standard edition last year (see “VMware Fusion 6 and Fusion 6 Professional [3],” 8 September 2013) and upping the Professional edition to $149.99 from $129.99. The standard edition upgrade remains the same price, while the Professional edition jumps $10 in price from last year. ($69.99/149.99 new, $49.99/$79.99 upgrade, 341 MB, release notes [4])