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BusyCal 2.6

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

BusyMac has released version 2.6 of its BusyCal [1] calendar app, filled to the brim with added features, improvements, and fixes. Among the new features, the update adds support for coloring events via tag colors (compatible with Exchange/Outlook category colors), support for Airmail and MailMate (for sending meeting invites, email alerts, and logs), the capability to search for attendees, a Paste as Rich Text menu command (by default, text is pasted as plain text), the capability to open an image in Graphics Palette or Preview by double-clicking it, support for storing account credentials in Keychain, and Advanced login options for Exchange Accounts. BusyCal 2.6 also fixes a bug that caused unnecessary use of the graphics processor, improves compatibility with iOS Reminders, fixes a Google bootstrap error, brings synthesized change notifications for all servers, improves handling and mapping of iCloud calendar colors, and fixes some iOS 8- and Yosemite-related bugs. If you are upgrading from BusyCal 1.6 or BusySync 2.3 (both of which require a paid upgrade [2] to BusyCal 2.6), be sure to read this support document [3] regarding changes to syncing from those older apps. ($49.99 new from BusyMac or the Mac App Store, free update, 10.3 MB, release notes [4], 10.8+)