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Backblaze 3.0

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

Backblaze has updated its eponymous backup software to version 3.0 with loads of under-the-hood improvements. Backblaze 3.0 [1] (which is tied to the subscription-based Backblaze online data backup service) improves the efficiency and throughput of its data storage while also improving integrity checks for stored data, doubles the speed of the deduplication process for both initial and incremental backups, improves the speed and efficiency of breaking down and reassembling large files, and adds support for using 2 GB of memory on 64-bit systems. The auto-update process for current Backblaze subscribers will begin in the next couple of weeks, but you can get this update now by downloading directly from the Backblaze Web site [2] or performing a Check for Update within the Backblaze software. (Free with Backblaze subscription, 9.1 MB, release notes [3], 10.5.8+)