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Walt Mossberg on the Return of the Mac

Many were shocked at the growth in Mac sales in Apple’s fourth fiscal quarter of 2014, but not veteran technology journalist Walt Mossberg. He credits the second act of the Mac to three factors: the leadership of Steve Jobs, the rise of the Web, and Microsoft’s many mistakes.favicon follow link


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Edward Wood  An apple icon for a TidBITS Contributor 2014-11-24 22:10
It is my feeling that the recent surge in Mac sales is at least partly due to the need to unify a large collection of IOS operated iPhones,iPads iPods. The recent Yosemite release really creates a way to unify and control an assortment of IOS driven units.

Essentially the primary direction that the mac OS is taking is to act as a controller for and adjunct to the IOS units.

By the same token this is the reason that many people who love there Macs, including myself,are refusing to update to Yosemite Using comments such as "I'm not turning my mac into a $1200 iPhone".

Increasingly we are having basically IOS APPS such as Game Room and Launch Pad added to the OS. I don't object to their inclusion but I believe that when I purchase a Mac, I should be able to set it up the way that I want to use it and that means that Programs and APPs that I don't want to use should be removable without having to jump thru a bunch of Hoops to remove them.