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Keep TidBITS Publishing in 2015: Become a TidBITS Member

by Adam C. Engst

After the initial shock and sadness of hearing that both the print version of Macworld and the Macworld Expo trade show were shutting down, our reaction was one of reflection. If such stalwarts of the Apple community could disappear, what does that say about the long-term chances for TidBITS, lacking as we do the deep pockets of a corporate patron?

Had we continued to rely solely on sponsorships and advertising, we might be in much the same boat. Luckily, though, the TidBITS membership program [1] that we started in 2011 has given us a solid financial foundation on which to base our work over the last few years. Our membership roll has grown by nearly 20 percent since our first year, pushing the total to over 2,700 supporters.

Thanks to the generous contributions from TidBITS members, we’ve been able to publish nearly 900 articles so far in 2014, and we were able to commission 64 features from outside writers to bring you compelling content that we couldn’t otherwise have produced.

But we are in this for the long run — our 25th anniversary is coming up in April 2015! — so ongoing support is essential. Early supporters who joined the TidBITS membership program when it launched in 2011 have started receiving email from me about renewing, along with a follow-up message from eSellerate. Those messages contain reminders and links for those who chose a manual renewal and confirmations for those who prefer to renew automatically. Thanks for continuing to support our work, and remember to visit your Member Benefits [2] page!

If you haven’t yet joined the TidBITS membership program, would you consider it this year? We focus on content that’s practical, timely, and free of the constructed drama and conflict that so many other sites like to drum up. We’re here to help you make the most of your tech.

We thank all TidBITS members with a number of perks, including:

You can choose among five different levels of annual support: $20, $50, $100, $250, and $1,000. Each level defaults to a manual renewal, but if you don’t want to fuss with the cart each year, an automatic renewal option is available. The membership perks are the same at each level, with one exception: the $1,000 level is a lifetime membership that includes a fine dinner with me and Tonya any time you’re in Ithaca or we’re in your city.

If you wish, we’ll acknowledge your membership on the site in the TidBITS Members list [3] and with an apple icon next to your comments. You can control your acknowledgement status, name, and URL in the Account Info [4] page. That page also lists your membership status and expiration date, and if our system ever stops email delivery due to too many bounces, you can restart delivery with a single click there.

Again, if you’ve found TidBITS valuable, or received personal help from one of our staff members simply because you asked, please become a TidBITS member [5] to help us continue publishing the kind of articles you’ve become accustomed to reading each week. You’ll have our undying gratitude, and more importantly, you can rest assured that every article you read was made possible in some small part by your generosity. Thank you!